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Apr 22  Insight: McKinley Village Developer and Supporters / News Network / Greg Brown

CapRadio's Bob Moffitt reports from the Highway 50 road construction known as Fix 50. Then, the developer of an East Sacramento in-fill project and other supporters explain why they think McKinley Village works. And, music from Greg Brown.

Apr 21  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Telecommuting / Biodigestion / Sacramento Chamber Music Society

The Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins Insight. With Fix 50 coming, we talk about telecommuting for work. Plus, the Biodigestion at UC Davis and the Sacramento Chamber Music Society at the Mondavi Stage.

Apr 18  Insight: Capitol Chat / Fix 50 / Maternal Health / Daisy Rockwell

Officials from Caltrans and the City of Sacramento answer questions about the Fix 50 project. CapRadio's Ben Adler talks about the governor's Rain day fund plan for Capitol Chat. Norman Rockwell's granddaughter, Daisy Rockwell, talks about her book.
City Express / City of Sacramento

Apr 17  Insight: Community Center Theater Renovation / Catch The Dream / Le Kelton / Sound Advice

Sacramento singer/songwriter Chris Fairman moved to Austin, Texas for a while and learned a lot about music and life. Now he’s back -– with a new band called Le Kelton and a new album titled “Saint.” And yes, it’s vinyl.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Apr 16  Insight: Pulitzer Winner Alan Taylor / Feral Cat Management / Carpentry For Women / Donna Reads

On Insight, we'll have a discussion on stray cats and what should be done to control their population. A Davis-based carpenter explains her new workshops aimed at teaching carpentry to women. And Donna Apidone on two new projects from James Lescroat.

Apr 15  Insight: Developing East Sacramento / Neighborhood Reaction To McKinley Village / News Network / Katie Hafner

On today's Insight, we'll have a discussion on the controversial McKinley Village Project in East Sacramento. Stockton Record Columnist Michael Fitzgerald speaks about the Google Barge and author Katie Hafner on her new memoir.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Apr 14  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Businesses in K Street Mall / The Outdoor World / Tapigami/Exhibit S Opening

Political Junkie Ken Rudin returns. Stores in the Downtown Plaza explain how construction of a new arena is affecting business. And guests from the Effie Yeaw Nature Center talk about the new edition of “The Outdoor World of the Sacramento Region."
PBS, Peter Krogh / AP

Apr 11  Insight: Capitol Chat / Peter Sagal at the Mondavi Center / "The Resister" / "From the Moon to the Earth"

On today's Insight, Capitol Chat with CapRadio's Ben Adler and Peter Sagal visits the Mondavi Center. Plus, Bruce Dancis' new book about his time in prison during the Vietnam War. And J S Kingfisher's latest project "From the Moon to the Earth."

Apr 10  Insight: VA Payouts for Wrongful Deaths / The Greeks Road On The Road To WWI / Sound Advice

A CIR reporter explains why the Dept. of Veterans Affairs has paid $200 million for nearly 1,000 wrongful death cases since 2001. Sac State is exhibiting 100-year-old artifacts from Greece’s entry into WWI. Plus, Jonathan Carraba for Sound Advice.

Apr 09  Insight: Stockton's Heart & Spirit Run / Kushman By The Bottle / The Synthesizer

Stockton will honor victims of violent crime as the community holds a Boys and Men of Color summit. Rick Kushman will talk about robots, birds and bubbles. And we'll take you back to the 70s and 80s with a discussion about synthesizers.
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