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Member FAQ

How important are members?

Member support from listeners and readers provides the financial resources needed for the programs you enjoy most from Capital Public Radio. And your gift makes a big difference! Member support provides about half of our operating budget.

Is my gift to Capital Public Radio tax deductible?

Yes. Capital Public Radio is a 501(c)3 organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible after subtracting the value of any thank-you gifts you receive.

How long will it take for my thank you gift to arrive?

You should expect to receive your thank you gift 6-8 weeks after making your contribution, or after requesting it from Member Services.

How will I know if I’ve won a drawing?

We will email or call you directly if your name has been drawn. You can also see winners listed on the website.

Can I login to capradio.org to update my address, see my gift status or my email preferences?

Not yet. We will soon be expanding our site to include these functionalities. In the meantime, please send an email to members@capradio.org.

I’ve moved/married/divorced/changed my name or contact information. How do I give you my new information?

Email your new contact information to members@capradio.org.

I’m already a donor. How do I renew my existing membership and prevent having duplicate accounts with you?

We will match the information you provide with your donation to the information we already have for you, and apply the donation to your existing member record. If there are changes to your contact information, you can note that in comments box of the online donation form.

I already sent in my renewal donation, but I received another renewal notice. Did you receive my donation?

Your donation and our renewal request letter likely crossed in the mail. A thank-you letter will be sent, but if you’d like a confirmation in the meantime, send an email to members@capradio.org.

How do I make sure that this donation renews my membership for another year?

This happens automatically if your membership is due to be renewed, but you can also put a note in the Comment box of the online donation form.

I received a renewal notice, but it doesn’t say when my membership expires.

If the letter is asking for your membership renewal, your expiration is close to expiring or has expired. If you do send your donation a couple months early, your membership will be extended a full 12 months from your current membership expiration date.

Sustaining and Evergreen Member FAQs

What is a monthly sustaining member?

A monthly sustaining member (or “sustainer”) is a member that has an ongoing monthly gift to Capital Public Radio. Their membership stays current and they provide steady support for the programs they love.

What’s different about an Evergreen sustainer?

Evergreen sustainers provide CapRadio with their bank routing and account information for the processing of their donations. Other sustainers have their donations processed through a debit or credit card.

But, my debit card draws from my bank account. Shouldn’t it work for a monthly Evergreen gift?

See the Visa or Mastercard symbol on your debit card? We pay those companies to process your monthly donation. But if we use your bank routing and account information, we do not pay a processing fee for your monthly donation. That means more of your donation directly supports the programs you count on.

Is CapRadio seriously asking me to sign up for an ongoing monthly gift?

Yes! You might be surprised to know that more than half of CapRadio’s members give monthly. It helps us plan our budget and invest confidently in the music and news that matters to you.

I donate monthly. Can I get a thank you gift?

Sustainers can request their annual thank you gift by contacting Member Services at 1-877-480-5900 (Weekdays 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). We’ll also email you during member fund drives to alert to special thank you gifts available at that time.

How do I change the bank information for my monthly Evergreen donations?

Fill out the online donation form, using your new bank routing number and account number. In the comment box of the donation form, note that you are providing new payment information for your existing monthly Evergreen donations. You can also mail a voided check to:

Capital Public Radio, 7055 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento CA 95826

Can I use a deposit slip to set up my Evergreen donation?

No. You’ll need your bank routing and account number, which can be seen on your checks, or is available from your bank. (The routing number on deposit slips is different than what appears on checks.)

How do I change the debit card or credit card information for my monthly donations?

Fill out the online donation form, using your new card information. In the comment box of the donation form, note that you are providing new payment information for your existing monthly donation.

When are Evergreen donations processed each month?

Monthly Evergreen donations are processed on or after the 5th of each month.

When is my monthly donation by debit or credit card charged each month?”

This varies from donor to donor. Please contact us at members@capradio.org and we will look up your charge date for you.

Have another question?

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