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Andrew Nixon / CapRadio

Health Care

January 21, 2022

Randol White

Experts say omicron cases are falling in California but hospitalizations have yet to peak

The sampling of human waste and other methods for tracking the spread of COVID-19 show an encouraging trend, but hospitalizations are reaching record levels and health care workers are struggling to keep up.

Manola Secaira / CapRadio

What is a healthy forest in California? These scientists are experimenting west of Lake Tahoe.

In Blodgett Forest, researchers grapple with the state’s forest-management history while investigating what it means to have a healthy one.

Nicolas Zonvi


January 19, 2022

Violinist Daniel Hope embarks on his most creative project to date

Violinist Daniel Hope used music as a lifeline during the pandemic. With an abundance of time, and a message in his heart, he embarked on his most creative project to date with his new album, Hope.

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Biden's predecessors could have felt his first-year pain

January 23, 2022

Yet these early reversals haven't always been crippling. On the contrary, three of the past four presidents elected — and five of the past eight — have recovered from shaky starts to win re-election.

NPRGoats and Soda

Why Tonga is opting for 'contactless' humanitarian aid

January 23, 2022

It's a pandemic predicament. With only 1 recorded case of COVID-19 in their island nation, Tongans are desperate for help after the volcanic eruption — but eager to keep the virus out.