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California State Of Mind | Episode 34

July 30, 2021

Will Vaccine Requirements Help or Hurt Newsom In His Recall Election?

Gov. Newsom is rolling out new vaccine requirements for healthcare and state workers, who will have to show proof of vaccination or get tested weekly. Newsom is managing this and wildfires while facing a recall. How will that play with the voters?

 Sarah Blake Morgan/AP

Health Care

July 30, 2021

A CDC Document Gives New Details On Just How Dangerous The Delta Variant Really Is

The CDC information dated Thursday gives new details on this variant of the coronavirus and says the agency should "acknowledge that the war has changed." It was first reported by The Washington Post.

CapRadio Reads

July 29, 2021

Hook, Line, and Supper – Hank Shaw

To truly appreciate a fish dinner, you have to catch the fish, clean it, prepare it and pair it with the right sides. Hank Shaw does more than just cook, he creates experiences. His latest book, “Hook, Line and Supper,” delivers on the art of fish.

Randol White / CapRadio

Listen: Your Work’s Dress Code May Change Post-Pandemic. Here’s Why.

Many employees in California are shifting back into the office after more than a year of working from home but how will workplace dress codes adapt to the more casual clothing choices popular during the stay-at-home orders.

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Why Sweat Is A Human Superpower

July 30, 2021

Sweat is an "evolutionary marvel," says Sarah Everts, the author of The Joy of Sweat. In her new book, Everts delves into the science of perspiration and how this trait has enabled humans to thrive.