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Thursday, December 6, 2018 Permalink

Insight: Wildfire Insurance / Christmas Trees And Forest Management / Jessica Malone Releases Live Album / Sound Advice

Bert Johnson / Capital Public Radio

Jessica Malone performs at Capital Public Radio before recording her live album at Harlow's in Sacramento and Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City.

Bert Johnson / Capital Public Radio


  • Noah Berger / AP Photo

    Wildfire Victims Turn To California Department Of Insurance For Help

    The California Department of Insurance offers several tools to help wildfire victims handle the claims process after losing a home or business.

  • Courtesy of Susie Kocher

    Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree To Help Prevent Wildfires

    CapRadio’s environment reporter Ezra David Romero joins us to discuss his latest feature on using Christmas tree permit programs to thin forests and manage wildfires.

  • Bert Johnson / Capital Public Radio

    Jessica Malone Launches Her Live Album

    Jessica Malone will release her live album recorded earlier this summer at Harlow’s at a record release party this weekend.

  • macbeck / Flickr

    Sound Advice: K-ZAP Holiday Gift Ideas

    K-ZAP host Dennis Newhall recommends box sets for the record collector in your family this holiday season.

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