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Addressing Concerns About Chloramines in Water


Stockton’s use of chloramines in its drinking water has suddenly come under scrutiny. Why? Erin Brockovich. The environmental activist appeared at a public forum hosted by Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Monday night to explain why she thinks using chloramines to disinfect drinking water is “a terrible mistake.” She says not enough studies have been done on chloramines to prove they are safe, and that there are safer alternatives out there. But even without significant studies to prove the safety of chloraminated water, there is a lot of evidence saying just that.

Chloramines have been used as a disinfectant in American metropolitan water systems for more than 100 years and more than 80 million Americans live in cities with chloraminated water. The Environmental Protection Agency says The East Bay Municipal Utilities District switched to a chloraminated water system in 1998 and it hasn’t been able to substantiate any complaints about chloramines since then. Joining Insight to talk about the safety and common concerns with chloramines is David Sedlak, Malozemoff Professor in Mineral Engineering, Co-director of Berkeley Water Center, and Director of Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE).

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