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Capitol Chat: Lawmakers Comment On Increasing Security Checks For Syrian Refugees

Nicolas Raymond / Flickr

Nicolas Raymond / Flickr

The House of Representatives voted to support increased security checks on Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the United States. All but two House Republicans voted for the Republican-sponsored bill, as well as 47 Democrats including California’s Ami Bera and Jim Costa. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill. On today’s Capital Chat, we’ll talk with veteran Washington DC reporter Kitty Felde about what happened.

Ami Bera, (D) voted yes on bill, explains why he did it...

"It doesn't change our values as Americans.. and we shouldn't let terrorists change us ... but what it does do is make America a little bit safer ... but it still allows us to let those widows, those orphans and others that are fleeing oppression come into the country." 


Tom McClintock, (R), on how he felt about today's vote...

"I think it's a very underwhelming congressional response to a very serious threat. I think it moves us incrementally in the right direction but in the grand scheme of things is not going to improve our secutiry very much."


Jerry McNerney, (D), still hadn't made up his mind on how he would vote...

"Some of the ideas in there are reasonable, but if the intent is to make it impossible for refugees in this country than I don't think I can support it." (10 sec)

He did vote NO.

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