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Photo Courtesy of YubaNet

YubaNet Reporter Gives Updates On Major (And Minor) California Wildfires

California Wildfires are getting larger as the summer progresses with no near end in sight for some. Yubanet reporter Pascale Fusshoeller joins Insight Tuesday to talk about the current statuses on some of the major wildfires.

Drought, Wildfire, Disease Continue To Increase Number Of Dead Trees In California

California is suffering from what scientists call a "botanical calamity" because of a growing number of dead trees posing a threat to the environment. CAL Matters reporter Julie Cart describes the dire situation the state's trees create on Insight.

'The Born Again Runner' Author Recalls His Sure-Footed Ascent From Substance Abuse To Running

Pete Magill is an author, coach and runner, but before all that, he was a victim of substance abuse. After needing to go to ER at the age of 38, Magill rebuilt his life into the running world. He'll talk about his reincarnation and his new book.

Professional Dancers Unite For Performance-Packed Evening At Crest Theater

An independent collective of professional dancers is returning to the Crest Theatre this weekend with an evening of world premieres. For Tuesday's Insight, we’ll talk with members of the Capital Dance Project about the collective.

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'The Terror Years' Traces The Rise Of Al-Qaida And ISIS

August 23, 2016

Lawrence Wright's new book collects his essays for The New Yorker on the growth of terrorism in the Middle East, from the Sept. 11 attacks to the recent beheadings of journalists and aid workers.