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Kenneth Holbrook / Courtesy

Insight With Beth Ruyak

California Native: Indigenous Communities And Environmental Stewardship

August 16, 2017 | Chris Remington

Indigenous communities in California are on the front lines in the major conservation movements across the state. We continue our California Native series with a conversation about environmental stewardship.

NIH Image Gallery / Flickr

Insight With Beth Ruyak

The Ethical Issues Of Genetic Editing And "Designer Babies"

August 15, 2017 | Chris Remington

UC Davis researcher Dr. Paul Knoepfler discusses “The Ethical Dilemma of Designer Babies" and genetic editing with CRISPR.

Courtesy California Dept. Public Health

Health Care

California's Latest Mosquito Threat Hits Seven Counties

August 14, 2017 | Sammy Caiola

California vector control districts are on the lookout for the St. Louis Encephalitis Virus after it appeared in Placer, Yuba and Stanislaus counties last week.

Ali Budner / Capital Public Radio

Health Care

Battle Over Pesticide Pits Demand For Proof Against Precautions For Health

August 14, 2017 | Ali Budner

A recently-introduced bill would ban one of the nation’s most widely-used pesticides, chlorpyrifos. The Obama Administration moved to ban it in 2015, over health concerns, but this year the Trump Administration reversed that decision.

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Health Care

How Scientists Are Getting To The Bottom Of California Gun Deaths

August 11, 2017 | Sammy Caiola

A new Firearm Violence Research Center at UC Davis aims to explore the risk factors behind gun deaths, and ultimately prevent them.

Health Care

Back-To-School Vaccines A Must For California Kids

August 7, 2017 | Sammy Caiola

A new state law that kicked in last summer requires shots for public school children. Some families are still adjusting to the law.

Seth Perlman / AP

Insight With Beth Ruyak

UC Davis Firearm Violence Research Center Director Garen Wintemute Explains Focus On New Research Into Prevention

August 7, 2017 | Chris Remington

The new UC Davis Firearm Violence Research Center opened this July, a first of its kind institution focused on gun violence research and prevention. Center Director Garen Wintemute explains the focus of their research in the coming months.

File / Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Health Care

Why are Alzheimer’s Rates So High Among Latinos?

August 4, 2017 | Sammy Caiola

As California’s Latino population ages, a worrisome trend of high dementia rates is becoming clear.

 Gary Soup / Flickr

Insight With Beth Ruyak

Emily Bazar Explains Big Changes Coming To Covered California

August 3, 2017 | Chris Remington

Participants in the state’s healthcare exchange will see premium increases next year and a potential surcharge because of lost federal subsidies. Emily Bazar has been following Covered California closely, she joins Insight to explain.

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