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Sacramento French Film Festival Screens César-Nominated Shorts

The Sacramento French Film Festival is hosting its 11th annual Winter Shorts Fest, with the best nine French short films nominated for the 2018 César awards (also known as the "French Oscars").

The festival will happen at the Crest Theatre on Saturday, March 3, a day after the 43rd annual César Ceremony. Executive and Artistic Director Cécile Mouette Downs returns to Insight to preview the program.

This year's program features:

"Les Bigorneaux" (2017, 24 min.)

Since her mother’s premature death, 30-year-old Zoé has dedicated her life to work alongside her immature father in his seashore bar "The Winkles." One day her gynecologist gives her news that will make her rethink her life.


"Le Bleu Blanc Rouge de Mes Cheveux" (2016, 22 min.)

Seyna is a 17-year-old, straight-A student of Cameroonian descent. Born and raised in France, she is passionate about French history and politics, and wants to get her French citizenship. But since Cameroon doesn’t recognize dual citizenship, her father is vehemently opposed to the idea.


About Kings: "Easy Rider" (2017, 5 min.)

"Easy Rider" is not only worth seeing for every biker, but also the optimal motivation for bad times. This song is pure motorcycle feeling and makes courage to get back up, get ready to move on and move on.


"Marlon" (2017, 19 min.)

Fourteen-year-old Marlon has finally been authorized to visit her mother in prison. She will see her for the first time since she was jailed.


"Les Misérables" (2017, 16 minutes)

Pento has just joined the Seine-Saint-Denis anti-crime brigade. On his first day on the job, cruising the streets of the projects with his team, he will come face-to-face with his own demons.


"Le Futur Sera Chauve" (2016, 6 min.)

Being bald sucks, but knowing that it will happen to you is even worse.


"I Want Pluto to be a Planet Again" (2016, 12 min.)

In the near future people are divided into two categories: the H- and the technically enhanced H+. Marcus, an H-, needs money to pay for his enhancement to seduce his dream girl, an H+.



"Le Jardin de Minuit" (2016, 10 min.)

Under the moonlight, a young couple plays in the forest. Their game leads them to an unfamiliar maze. Intrigued, the young lovers enter and slowly fall under the influence of an intoxicating spell. Separated, they lose themselves in the strange labyrinth. What will it take to break the spell?


"Pépé Le Morse" (2016, 15 min.)

Grandpa was a strange guy, now he's dead. On a windy beach, Grandma prays, Mom screams, his sisters are bored, and Lucas is alone.

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