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Wednesday, July 10, 2019 Permalink

California’s First Surgeon General / Podcast About Muslim-American Experience / New Music From Sacramento Pianist

Sammy Caiola / Capital Public Radio

California's first surgeon general, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, launched a statewide listening tour at the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative in South Sacramento on April 2.

Sammy Caiola / Capital Public Radio

Today’s Insight features recent conversations with three intriguing women. The first is a two-part conversation with California’s first Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. She’s a pediatrician, researching the link between childhood trauma and health problems later in life. Burke Harris was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Host Beth Ruyak spoke with her in April. Next is Misha Euceph. She’s the host and creator of the podcast, “Tell Them, I Am.” Misha is Muslim, as are her guests. She explores universal truths through personal stories. The podcast launched for Ramadan with new episodes every day of the month of fasting. Classical pianist Lara Downes is the finale in this hour. We re-cue her recent conversation with CapRadio Classical host, Kevin Doherty. Lara’s new album, “Holes in the Sky,” is a collaboration with some very talented women, including Rhiannon Giddens and Judy Collins. 

California’s First Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Part 1

California has its first Surgeon General. She is Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a pediatrician who specializes in the area of childhood trauma. Her research has linked childhood adversity to health problems later in life. Burke Harris has been honored for her work in this area, written a book about it and given a TED Talk. She knew now Governor Gavin Newsom when he was Mayor of San Francisco. Newsom appointed her to the brand new role of Surgeon General when he became Governor. In this conversation from April, Burke Harris starts out by talking about the reactions she’s heard to California having a Surgeon General. 

California’s First Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Part 2

Beth Ruyak’s conversation from April with California’s first Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, continues. Before the break, she had begun talking about the area she has researched and written about: childhood adversity, and how it impacts the quality of a person’s health later in life. 

Podcast “Tell Them, I Am” Tells The Stories Of Muslims In America

In May, Misha Euceph launched a new podcast called, “Tell Them, I Am.” Euceph is Muslim, as are her guests. The podcast features personal stories exploring the experience of being Muslim in America. One episode of the podcast was released every day through the month of Ramadan. Euceph is a producer at KPCC, a public radio station in Los Angeles. The conversation started with why she chose “Tell Them, I Am” as the podcast’s title.

Lara Downes Talks About Her New Album, “Holes in the Sky”

Sacramento-based concert pianist Lara Downes released her 10th album in March 2019. It’s called “Holes in the Sky.” The tracks feature a spectrum of collaborations with Judy Collins, Rachel Barton Pine and Rhiannon Giddons, who is a founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Downes talked with CapRadio Classical host Kevin Doherty about her inspiration and the genesis of this project.  

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