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Special Insight: A Look At California's End Of Life Option

Choosing The End Of Life Option

Friday, December 2, 2016 | Permalink

Carol Yeates at her home Oct. 7, 2016. Yeates decided to take the end-of-life prescription instead of continuing her fight with cancer and Parkinson's disease.


There's little data on how many people have utilized California's End of Life law, which allows terminally ill patients to end their life through prescribed aid-in-dying medication.

Sue HerringSue Herring is pictured here with her family.

The questions that come from the new law include: how many people initiated the process? How many purchased the prescription to end their life? How many actually took it?

Until those questions are answered, any personal stories now will work toward creating a bigger picture for what will become of the End of Life law.

Insight Host Beth Ruyak shares the conversation she had with Carol Yeates on Oct. 7. Carol took the prescription on Oct. 24 after fighting cancer and Parkinson's disease. She described the option to meet death on her own terms "a gift."

Carol's husband, Bill Yeates, joins us in studio to reflect on Carol's option to take the drug and to describe how he supported her journey until her final moments.

Another husband will bring a different perspective as Tim Herring's wife, Sue Herring, decided to end her life Sept. 18. She was struggling with Supranuclear Palsy.

Sue's step-daughter Rachel Guetlein joins Tim in studio to contribute to the conversation.

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