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Insight Technology Special: Sacramento's Growth, Agricultural Tech, Science Fiction


The 21st century has already produced dozens of disruptive technologies that have dramatically changed society. Online communication, genetic modification and even drones have changed major industries and our day-to-day lives.

For this Insight special, we'll looking at how technological innovation impacts different aspects of life.

How Sacramento Is Moving With The Times

Despite resting in the shadows of the Bay Area’s technological prowess, Sacramento has proven to be a pioneer in technology.

From collaborating with the traffic app Waze to design efficient traffic patterns to taking part in Verizon’s pilot 5G wireless program, the City of Sacramento strives to not fall behind. Driverless cars are also in the works for the city.

How is Sacramento preparing for the technology of the future and recruiting the talent that can develop it? Maria MacGunigal, chief information officer for the city and is tasked with answering those questions every day. 

Drones On A Farm? Possible


As the Central Valley has become the breadbasket for much of the globe, it’s also made a name for itself by delving in the latest in ag-tech. Whether it's using drones, crop-sensing, or automated pesticide systems, researchers in the Capital Region are employing the latest gadgets to increase food productivity.

But will technology replace the many farmworkers at fields or price out small-scale farmers from the industry? Ken Giles is a professor at the UC Davis Smart Farm. His department is leading the industry in the latest ag-tech research.

041217Smart Farm

Science Fiction — A Driving Force For Innovation

Science fiction plays its role in conceptualizing a future for collective imaginations. Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel "New York: 2140" takes readers to a time where a portion of the Big Apple is submerged underwater as a result of climate change and the city is forced to adapt.

Robinson returns to Insight and explains how he created this world and the technological future he envisions.

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