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Once An Empire Releases New Album: "Changing Shapes"

Photo Courtesy Once An Empire

Photo Courtesy Once An Empire

Once An Empire is a band from Sacramento who came on to the scene in 2013. Inspired by the bands of their youth, Once An Empire puts out music that is live, genuine, and raw. It’s Modern Rock mixed with infectious hooks, something Submerge Magazine describes as “the after-shock of each song, in that, you can't help but to enjoyably sustain the chorus in your head...”

Steve (drums) and JR (bass) provide a rock solid rhythm section, with plenty of groove and technical precision. The guitarists, Jess and Levi, trade off lead and rhythm duties to showcase very different, and distinct, guitar styles and melodies. Melissa fronts the band with confidence, passion, and an incredible voice.

The Sacramento music scene is being revitalized and Once An Empire is happy to be surrounded by such a talented and supportive community. They released their debut album “11 Minutes After Sunset” in December of 2013, and have been gaining attention throughout Sacramento for their energetic live performances.

They kicked off the summer of 2014 with a high-energy performance at Concerts In The Park, and can currently be found playing gigs around Sacramento and branching out to other cities in Northern California.

Once An Empire website

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