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National (Guerilla) Poetry Month With Zero Forbidden Goals

Cody Drabble / Capital Public Radio

Poet Andru Defeye joins Insight to talk about pop-up poetry events in Oak Park for the Zero Forbidden Goals twist on National Poetry Month.

Cody Drabble / Capital Public Radio

April is National Poetry Month, sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. In Sacramento, Zero Forbidden Goals is hosting several pop-up poetry events with a twist to make it National Guerilla Poetry Month.

Poet Andru Defeye joins to talk about a pop-up poetry event every Monday night in Oak Park at #TheIntersection of Broadway and 35th Street. He's also co-hosting a Drunk Poetry event with Spacewalker at the Blue Lamp on April 12.

Defeye also explains the Sol Collective #SchoolsNotPrisonsDIY micro-grant program for communities around California working for criminal justice reform in the state.  Applications for the #SchoolsNotPrisons grant are due by April 16.

 poetrysol collectivenational poetry month

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Cody Drabble

Insight Producer and On-Air Director

Cody Drabble learned to love public radio growing up in San Francisco with KQED on every morning during breakfast. In addition to producing and directing the live broadcast of Insight each morning, he also fills in as guest host for Beth Ruyak.   Read Full Bio 

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