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Maggie Hollinbeck Releases First Solo Album


Sacramento actress, singer Maggie Hollinbeck is preparing to release her first full-length solo album this upcoming Monday. To celebrate the release of “Stripped Down,” Hollinbeck is hosting a house concert in Sacramento Sunday. 

Hollinbeck says over the past couple years she's come into her own as an artist.

"The last few years have been a big reclaiming for me. I have a long history of being really passionately devoted to my work in the arts and then leaving that work for a time - which I think was necessary in the long run, but then coming back to it and finding myself again."

Joining the national tour of "Once" and this solo album is part of that reclaiming of her art, she says.

"This was a very quick process. It probably should have and could have happened 15 years earlier," Hollinbeck says about creating this new album. 

She says she wasn't sure exactly how she was going orchestrate the tracks.

"All I knew I wrote this stuff on the guitar and I sing it and I decided that's what I was going to do. I was just going to record it super stripped down bare-bones."

She plays a couple songs live in the Insight studio. 


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