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How To Prepare For Native Plant Gardening In The Spring

CNPS - Facebook

CNPS - Facebook

It's may be raining right now, but spring has definitely sprung and that means turning our attention to our yards and gardens.

And for some people, that may even mean killing their lawns.

That's right: if you'd like to convert your lawn to California native plants, now is the time to cover — and kill — that grass.

Dan Gluesenkamp, executive director of the California Native Plant Society, joins us in studio with more tips on how to use California native plants in your landscaping.

Below are some tips to get you started on native plant gardening:

  • Plant in the fall — they have a better chance to get established if planted right before winter rains.
  • Don't overwater — most species of native plants require less than traditional landscapes
  • Observe what you see in nature areas near your home and try to recreate that for your garden
  • Buy plants local to your area — Out-of-area plants might not do as well if they don't grow near you
  • Start now! Spring is the time to convert your lawn and sheet mulch. Take this time to design and plan your garden for the fall.

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