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PolitiFact Investigates Regulations On Advertising For Cannabis Businesses, Claims About Voter Suppression And More

Jeff Chiu / File / AP

This Feb. 1, 2011 file photo shows medical marijuana clone plants at a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Calif.

Jeff Chiu / File / AP

Driving around California, you might have noticed a new roadside feature: billboards for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services. The decriminalization of cannabis last year included regulations around how adults can buy and consume weed in the Golden State, but how about the way it’s sold?

PolitiFact California reporting intern Sami Soto’s latest article explores the rules around advertising for the substance, which is subject to different guidelines than other substances, like tobacco and alcohol.

PolitiFact California Reporter Chris Nichols joins Insight to discuss the article, including an explanation of the rules around all those billboards, like where they can be placed and what they’re allowed to include. He’ll also discuss the state requirements for print and radio ads, as well as the controversy around what some critics call a double standard between cannabis and tobacco products.

Chris Nichols will also share recent reporting from the national stage on two California-based presidential hopefuls in the run up to the 2020 election. PolitiFact evaluated Sen. Kamala Harris’ claim that Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum both lost in the midterm elections due to voter suppression. And in a new collaboration with Kaiser Health News, PolitiFact evaluated Rep. Eric Swalwell’s assertion that Georgia’s strict “heartbeat law” outlaws abortion before most women know they’re pregnant.

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