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Sierra Stage's Peter Pan


The story of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling dates back far before Mary Martin ever donned a pair of green tights in the 1950’s. The boy who never wanted to grow up first appeared in a novel by J.M. Barrie in 1902 and would later evolve into the lead character of Barrie’s 1911 book “Peter Pan and Wendy.” These early renderings of Pan were darker than the Disney and Broadway depictions we have all come to know. The premise for Peter Pan was Barrie’s older brother who died before he turned 14, and, thus, could never grow up. It’s in the spirit of these early renditions of Barrie’s character that Sierra Stages’ production of “Peter Pan” exists. And it seems to be striking a chord with audiences in the foothills. The production company set a record opening weekend with the play, which runs through August 2. Joining us to talk more about the production is director Jac Royce and actor Brandon Johnson (Captain Hook). 

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