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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Obamacare Experience / "Fragile X" in Colombia / Marcos Breton / Hudson on the Arts




Nevada Health Exchange The initial rollout of President Obama’s landmark healthcare overhaul known as Obamacare was widely criticized for the problematic website that served as the program’s main interface for new health plan signups. Then, during the next few months, it wasn’t uncommon to hear politicians sharing horror stories from people whose insurance premiums skyrocketed. The broader reality was quite different though. Gregg Stokes from Reno, Nevada has been shopping for a new health plan since Obamacare enrollment begun and joins us to talk about what happened when he finally found a policy.

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Fragile X in Colombia A town in Colombia that has had a long-standing reputation for having a high rate of mental retardation has been found to actually have a high rate of the autism spectrum disorder Fragile X instead. Researchers are now trying to understand why this village has such a high number of cases of Fragile X, and whether there is an identifying factor that might help solve the autism mystery. Autism researcher Dr. Randi Hagerman from the UC Davis MIND Institute is teaming up with Colombian scientists to further explore the high rate of Fragile X in the South American village. Dr. Hagerman joins us to explain more about the collaboration known as the “Colombia Project of Hope.” 

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Marcos Breton A number of big projects in Sacramento took a step forward last week. Plans for a downtown arena moved ahead as a lawsuit blocking it was rejected, a bike trail from downtown to South Sacramento started to take shape, and Cal Expo approved plans for a new soccer stadium.  Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton initially made the connection between all this movement in city projects and joins us to talk more about them. Breton joins us at the start of each month. You can find his columns in the Bee’s Our Region section every Wednesday and Sunday.
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Jeff Hudson on the Arts Shakespeare everywhere! The Bard’s famous works from “The Merry Wives of Windsor” to “Much Ado About Nothing” are being staged all around the Sacramento region with intriguing twists to Shakespeare’s original vision. For instance, Sacramento Theatre Company is setting Romeo and Juliet in prohibition-era New Jersey. Capital Public Radio’s Arts and Theater Critic Jeff Hudson joins us to explain which of these Shakespearean plays are worth checking out. 

Hudson will also speak about performances he recently watched including a show by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic and the artist Jordi Savall, part Sacramento State's Millenium Series.

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