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Kushman By The Bottle: A Napa Comedy, Recent Rain And A Wine Competition Preview

Sam Howzit / flickr

Sam Howzit / flickr

Comedy lovers, wine drinkers and Netflix subscribers may get a kick out of the streaming service’s new original movie that is set in Napa, Calif. It’s called Wine Country and it stars “Saturday Night Live” alums Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who also directed the film.

It follows a group of longtime friends on a wine weekend birthday getaway. To anyone familiar with these actresses, it should be no surprise that this film is a comedy.

However, there were some wine writers who weren’t laughing at the film released earlier this month on Netflix. On “Kushman by the Bottle,” Rick Kushman talks about the film, and adds his tips for wine tasting as we approach warmer weather.

Then, what do these late-season storms mean for the region’s grapes? He’ll talk about how this recent streak of rain could create hazards for vineyards.

Finally, as a judge of the Commercial Wine Competition at the California State Fair, Kushman take us behind the scenes of that process and preview what he looks forward to from this year’s entries.

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