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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Forecasting Atmospheric Rivers / Pet Tales / Jose DiGregorio / Beer Week




Forecasting Atmospheric Rivers

You can blame droughts and floods in Sacramento on the two main rivers that converge just north of downtown. But there’s actually another river that may hold the responsibility -- an atmospheric river. Although the atmospheric river that brings much of the water to Northern California is not a real river, it does carry vast amounts of precipitation.

The problem is that atmospheric rivers are narrow and can fluctuate north or south depending on conditions, missing Sacramento entirely one year and drowning it  the next. The good news is that scientist are working on ways to predict the flow of atmospheric rivers and help areas like Sacramento better prepare for droughts and floods. One of the most prominent scientists working in this area of weather forecasting and atmospheric modeling is NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Scientist Duane Waliser. He spoke Tuesday at a Department of Water Resources workshop in Sacramento and joins us to explain more about his research.

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Nasa -Drought -Image

Pet Tales 

Pet expert Gina Spadafori joins us for the next installment of Pet Tales to talk about caring for your dog or cats’ teeth. Plus, we’ll address the controversy over non-anesthetic dental cleanings for pets.

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2682_Pet Dental Month Info Graphic Update 650x 2218Provided by VPI Pet Insurance

Insight's Technical Director Mark Jones demonstrates how to brush your pet's teeth:

Jose DiGregorio

There’s a common thread tying together McKinley Park’s playground in East Sacramento, Low Brau beer hall in Midtown Sacramento and the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. Sacramento painter, sculptor Jose DiGregorio’s work can be found in all these places, including Elliot Fouts Gallery in Midtown, which is featuring four pieces of Gregorio’s in the show “40 & Under.” Gregorio is taking a break from his soon-to-be revealed commission at Low Brau to join us for a discussion about his work, which oftentimes mesmerizes its viewer with its use of lines and shapes.

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0226-hall -of -16-points -featured -at -Elliott -Fouts

Hall of 16 Points 

0226-hall -of -36-points -featured -at -Elliot -Fouts

Hall of 36 Points

0226-lowbrau -wall -painting -commission

Lowbrau Bierhall wall painting

0226-Ruhstaller -Beer -Collaboration

Ruhstaller Beer collaboration. 

Beer Week

As if you need another excuse to hang out with friends and throw back some cold ones, Beer Week is back in Sacramento. Starting Thursday beer halls, breweries and restaurants will be featuring some of the finest craft beers in California and beyond. Beer Week Founder Dan Scott joins us to talk about all the different events taking place around Sacramento, Davis and Roseville. Plus, Low Brau owner Clay Nutting will talk about some of the most highly anticipated events happening in his beer hall in the coming days.

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0226 beer map

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