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California Lawmakers Tackle Housing Issues Impacting Renters

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

A housing project near Broadway in Sacramento.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

There’s a big housing crunch in the California, something lawmakers have been trying to grapple with through legislation. In the past two legislative sessions, some of those bills have made waves. Tenants groups had hoped to capitalize on that momentum and get some protections passed.

CALmatters Data and Housing Reporter Matt Levin digs into a number of areas:

  • What did the lineup of renters bills look like at the beginning of the session and where did they end up?
  • Since apartment owners and developers have a big lobbying presence at the Capitol, what do we know about the pro-renter side of that equation?
  • And does a difference in demographics — in who rents and who owns — help explain a power imbalance in how renters rights are viewed?

Levin also looks at how unions and developers will need to work together if another wave of construction is going to happen to address the housing crunch. Levin’s article on the issue delves into who renters are and how they are faring.

Levin’s California housing podcast “Gimme Shelter” discussed why it’s so expensive to live in California, and what can the state do about it? In each episode, Levin and Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon talk about the latest developments in California housing policy and interview a key housing newsmaker.

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