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Comey And Sessions — Two Testimonies, Two Perspectives On Possible Russian Influence In U.S.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to testify Tuesday with the Senate Intelligence Committee to focus on whether or not Sessions had a third unreported meeting with the Russian ambassador.

Also in question is his recusal from the Russian investigation on possible interference during the November 2016 Elections. Political Junkie Ken Rudin navigates through what has become a flow chart of information, filled with key points of leaks and revelations.

James Comey, former FBI director, testified Thursday publicly and again for a closed session detailing his interactions with Donald Trump. Specifically in question was a conversation he had where the U.S. President requested Comey drop the investigation of Michael Flynn, who had only been National Security Advisor for 24 days, the shortest tenure in history for that role.

On top of his possible closed-door meetings with Russian officials, Sessions will also be questioned on why Comey was fired.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is the top Republican leading the Senate Judiciary Committee's investigation into possible Russian collusion. She spoke on "Face The Nation" Sunday about what she considered President Trump taking premature victory by tweeting that Comey's testimony was a "total and complete vindication."

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