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Sound Advice: Nick Brunner Brings Vocal Locals

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

What does local music sound like? Hey, Listen! host Nick Brunner shares his favorite tracks from notable Sacramento-area bands whose highly produced work defies the low-fi stereotype about independent artists.

From frantic to fancy, Brunner shares new songs by Drug Apts., Las Pulgas, and Michael and the Machines.

Drug Apts - "Black Coal"

This track comes from the band's first full length release. I've caught a few live shows by Drug Apts. and I'm always floored by vocalist Whitney Kebschull. The depth of her voice makes me feel like the gravity of the room gets heavier; it's like I can feel my self sinking. 

Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances is out now on Mt. St. Mtn.

Michael and the Machines - "California Song"

Michael Padilla has been making music in the Nevada City/Grass Valley for years (both solo projects and in groups like The Soft Bombs). His latest gives me an early '90s Brit Rock vibe.

Las Pulgas - "Sistema"

Las Pulgas is a satisfying marriage of surf and punk. The group is a thumb in the eye of institutions, conventional thinking and apathy; a hallmark of a punk rock band doing it's job. 

Sea of Bees - "Sidepain (CapRadio In-Studio Version)"

The music of Jules Baenziger launched to national ears with 2010's Songs for the Ravens. Jules brought in a band to play this cut at CapRadio just before it released and I later found out it was the first time the group performed tracks from that album publicly. NPR Music also picked the album as a favorite release.

Sea of Bees will play at CapRadio's Second Saturday reception April 13.  

Listen to Brunner's playlist here:

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