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Internet Buzzing About World's Largest Corn Maze In Dixon

Cool Patch Pumpkins / Facebook

Cool Patch Pumpkins / Facebook

Update Nov. 12: 

The infamous corn maze in Dixon was taken down this week, but the buzz around it hasn't stopped.

Several national media organizations have been writing about this year's Cool Patch Pumpkin's corn maze, which has been officially designated as the world's largest by Guinness World Records. 

This year's 60-acre maze was apparently so large, more people were getting lost. A few even called 911 for help.

Mark Cooley, owner of Cool Patch Pumpkins spoke with Insight host Beth Ruyak last month about how he designs and builds the maze, along with his brother.

Cooley told Ruyak that this year, maybe the maze got too complicated. He said that in the beginning the maze was too easy and patrons were telling him to make it harder and harder. He even offered an apology for the complexity of the maze during his interview.

It takes about two hours to complete the maze and patrons are given a map with a note at the bottom: Being lost in a corn maze is not life threatening so please do not call 911.

But as Cooley found out, many don't follow that instruction.

The Solano County Sheriff's Department said it received between four to five calls this year, according to ABC News,  which obtained some recordings for some of those calls.

Cool Patch Pumpkins posted a video on its Facebook page Nov. 10 showing the maze had been taken down.

Listen to Cooley's full interview and hear more "lost stories" by clicking the audio above.


There’s a corn maze in Dixon that was crowned the World’s largest by Guinness in 2007. And every year since, the brothers behind it have added to it – both in size and complexity. We’ll talk with Mark Cooley about designing a 60-acre corn maze and why people sometimes need rescuing.





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