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Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Permalink

Insight: News Network / Drought and the Rafting Industry / Chris Reich / Bonn Lair's 20th anniversary

planetlight / Flickr

planetlight / Flickr




News Network The Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton announced Monday it will declare bankruptcy protection this Wednesday in order to pay settlements to victims who were sexually abused by members of the church staff. Capital Public Radio’s Stockton Reporter Rich Ibarra joins us with more on this story.

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 Bishop Blaire

Bishop Stephen Blaire, Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton

Plus, Editor of the Calaveras Enterprise Joel Metzger joins us to explain the different ways the drought is affecting cattle ranchers in the foothills.

Dry winter As the drought alarm continues to sound here in California, we’ll take a look at how a lack of rain and snow might impact businesses that rely on healthy flowing rivers to make a living. Are local rafting companies preparing for a different kind of whitewater season this year? And how will it impact a place like Camp Lotus? We also talk to Scott Armstrong with All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting.

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0114_american -river -drought _P

 Photo of American River by Andrew Nixon


Chris Reich Best-selling author Chris Reich is coming to Sacramento Tuesday to talk about his latest novel, “The Prince of Risk.” The thriller revolves around currency traders in the United States and China. We’ll talk with the author about his work.

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 0106_christopher _reich


Bonn Lair Bonn Lair, Sacramento's first non-smoking bar and a mainstay of East Sacramento life, turns 20 in mid-January. Owner Dave Boyet joins us to talk about how they created one of the best British pubs in Sacramento.

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BBC's List of 10 Bristish Things About Sacramento, CA includes Bonn Lair

 0114_bonnlair _P

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