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Ticks, Fleas And Heartworms: Signs On How To Spot These Pet Problems


Pet expert Gina Spadafori joins us for this month’s Pet Tales to explain why you need to get your pets checked for fleas, ticks and heartworms.

The above-average rainy season means there will be more of those bugs out to bother your furry friends.

Spadafori has tips on keeping your pets happy and healthy. Some of these tips include:


  • Skip over-the-counter flea collars or medication — some are ineffective and possibly dangerous. Use preventatives recommended by your veterinarian instead and follow directions closely.
  • Keep flea eggs and larvae levels down by vacuuming and washing frequently.


  • Use Preventic collars (available from veterinarians) to put on dogs before walks. Take it off and store in a zipped plastic bag between walks.
  • Check your pet — and yourself — for ticks after walks, especially if in areas with dense vegetation. Use only tweezers or tick pullers to pull ticks back. Call your vet if redness or infection develops after a couple days.


  • Get your pet tested for heartworms before going on preventative meds. Veterinarian needs to treat them if found. Generic medicine now approved by FDA, so it's now cheaper and safer!

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