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CapRadio's Cuba Trip

Jen Picard / Capital Public Radio

This photo was taken in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Havana. The guides called it "less favored" since the word "poor" is seen negatively in Cuban culture. People are not rich or poor, they are more or less favored.

Jen Picard / Capital Public Radio

It's a historic moment in time in regards to the official relationship between the United States and Cuba. During the State of the Union speech Tuesday night, President Obama spoke about that relationship and how the time had come to end a political policy that was long past its expiration date.

0122-cuba -painting -p

A painting in Cienfuegos, the painter is known to be the "Artist Of The City."  Jennifer Halm / Capital Public Radio

CapRadio Travels took a group of public radio listeners to Cuba with partner travel agency Earthbound Expeditions. Earthbound has been one of the few agencies granted a special people-to-people visa from the U.S. Department of Treasury allowing Americans to travel legally to Cuba, with some restrictions and requirements.

Senior Producer Jen Picard and Director of Member Services Jennifer Halm represented CapRadio on the trip and they join Insight today to talk about their experience.



0122-cuba -pic -3-p

Senior Producer Jen Halm and Director Of Member Services Jennifer Halm in Cuba For CapRadio Travels. 

0122-cuba -pic -1-p

Jennifer Picard: While staying in Trinidad, we traveled to Topes de Collantes, a nature reserve park in the south-eastern ranges of the Escambray Mountains. We passed this man and his little pig not long after enjoying an amazing pig roast. There were a few people in the group who swore off pork after this encounter. I was not one of them.

 0122 Hotel Nacional

Jen Picard: The Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba. We stayed here during most of the trip. Frank Sinatra's room is still one of the biggest draws.

0122 Morrow Castle

Jen Picard: This is Morrow Castle (or Fortress) in Havana, Cuba. A canon re-enactment is held there every evening and more than 5,000 Cubans show up for it each time. 

0122 Trinidad De Cuba

Jen Picard: A photo taken of Trinidad de Cuba

0122 Che Guevarra

Jen Picard: Che Guevarra is everywhere in Cuba.


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