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Monday, August 12, 2019 Permalink

Food & Tea: Science, History And Health

Laurel F / Flickr

Laurel F / Flickr

Tea, hippie food and foods that keep you healthy. Today’s show begins with the chemistry of tea, its health benefits and its place in the environment with UC Davis Professor Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague. Then, author Jonathan Kauffman talks about his best-selling book, “Hippie Food” and how American eating habits changed in the 1960s. You’ll hear his conversation with CapRadio’s Donna Apidone recorded in front of a live audience. We’ll round out the hour with 15 Foods That Keep Us Fit. This is a fun list with a surprising headliner. What would be your number one food to stay fit? Here’s a hint: it’s not avocados or fish!

The Science Of Tea

Did you know that green tea, black tea and even chamomile tea come from the same plant? Or that, of the 100 acres of tea grown commercially nationwide, some of it comes from our very own backyard? Or even that tea is more like wine than coffee? UC Davis researcher Dr. Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague’s studies of tea have taken her to Taiwan and back and her work has interesting implications for California’s tea operations. Gervay-Hague joined Insight Host Beth Ruyak with tea in the studio in July 2017.

“Hippie Food”

Jonathan Kauffman’s book, “Hippie Food,” introduces readers to the people who changed what we eat. Prior to the 1960s, our meals were in a Cold War rut. The counterculture turned us onto food that freed us from that lifestyle. The result was the popular consumption of tofu, brown rice, yogurt and something called granola.

CapRadio Reads Host Donna Apidone spoke with Kauffman, in front of a live audience about the political and spiritual reasons these foods became mainstream. They started their April 2019 conversation with how Kauffman’s interest in “hippie food” began. 

Kauffman also talks about his investigation into where certain foods came from and about some specific items that were part of the “hippie food revolution.”

Fifteen Fit Foods

The question is, should you be eating more mangoes? Well, according to experts at UC Davis, you should. But, what else is on the list of fifteen fit foods? Alex Nella joined host Beth Ruyak on Insight in April 2019. He’s a registered dietitian at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. And, while he works in a children’s hospital, the burning question was: Is this list really for everybody?

Read the list here.

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