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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Permalink

Insight: 'We Said Enough,' One Year Later

Alan Cordova / Flickr

Alan Cordova / Flickr

On Oct. 17, 2017, the Los Angeles Times published a letter signed by more than 150 women who work in California politics, describing a culture of sexual harassment in the California Capitol.

One year later, we're marking the anniversary of the We Said Enough movement that was sparked by this letter. On Insight today, we will be joined by women who have been a part of the movement against sexual harassment in California.

We are joined by We Said Enough's President and Co-Founder Adama Iwu and Executive Director Samantha Corbin to talk about their organization one year later. We also speak with Dr. Lin Farley, who coined the term "sexual harassment" in the 1970s, about the halting progress made against workplace harassment. Finally, Sacramento State Professor Kim Nalder previews an event this week about #MeToo, California and the Year of the Woman 2.0 in honor of the anniversary.


  • Time Magazine via AP

    We Said Enough On Their Movement Against Sexual Harassment One Year Later

    It’s been one year since the women behind We Said Enough released a detailed letter about harassment in California’s state government. We check in with the founders to hear what's changed.

  • Bert Johnson / Capital Public Radio

    Lin Farley Reflects On Changes For Women In The Workforce Since Coining ‘Sexual Harassment’ In 1975

    Journalist and feminist author Dr. Lin Farley is credited with coining ‘sexual harassment’ to describe the discriminatory treatment of women in the workforce. She will give two free public lectures at UC Davis in Davis and Sacramento on Wednesday.

  • Alan Cordova / Flickr

    Sac State Examines #MeToo, California and the Year of the Woman

    A panel discussion hosted by Sac State professors will explore the effects of the #MeToo Movement in California and how that might play out in midterm elections.

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