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Monday, December 4, 2017 Permalink

Insight: Political Junkie / Star Trek And Human Rights / Legacy Of Author Nikos Kazantzakis / SUNMONKS

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio


  • Political Junkie: GOP Tax Bill And Flynn Plea Dominate D.C.

    Cody Drabble

    Political Junkie Ken Rudin discusses the GOP tax bill and the Mueller investigation's plea deal with Michael Flynn.

  • Wikimedia Commons

    Star Trek And Human Rights At Crocker Museum

    Cody Drabble

    UC Davis Human Rights Studies director Prof. Keith Watenpaugh will host a conversation about Star Trek and Human Rights at the Crocker Art Museum tonight at a sold out event. Watenpaugh gave Beth Ruyak a preview of his lecture.

  • Kostas Tsironis / AP Photo

    The Lasting Impact Of Author Nikos Kazantzakis

    Chris Remington

    The works of Greek literary giant Nikos Kazantzakis continue to resonate across the globe more than a hundred years after they were written.

  • Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

    SUNMONKS Give “Two Play” A Second Spin

    Cody Drabble

    SUNMONKS released their first full-length album “Two Play” this summer. We’re revisiting Geoffrey C.K. and Alexandra Steele’s conversation with Beth Ruyak to explore their newest single for the title track of the album.

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