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Friday, June 2, 2017 Permalink

Insight: Legislation Deadline / Paris Accord Reactions / 'Are You Useful?' / Misner And Smith

Alan Cordova / Flickr

Alan Cordova / Flickr


  • With The Deadline For Legislation Here, Which Bills Passed, And Which Didn't?

    Friday marks a key deadline for legislation to successfully exit its house of origin and move on to be voted on in the Assembly. Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler reviews whether cap-and-trade, single-payer health care and other legislation lives.

  • California’s Response To The U.S. Exiting The Paris Climate Agreement

    Chris Remington

    How will California act as President Trump announced the United States will be leaving the Paris Climate Agreement? Mark Lubell, Director of UC Davis Environmental Policy & Behavior at UC Davis, breaks down possible effects from the decision.

  • A Sacramento Fitness Expert And His 'Philosophy Of Strength'

    Chip Conrad, founder and owner of BodyTribe Fitness, is trying to change the way people view daily exercise.

  • Duo Misner And Smith Debuts New, Full Band For Album 'Seven Hour Storm'

    Northern California locals Misner and Smith become a full-sized band for the debut of their latest album "Seven Hour Storm" on vinyl. The duo talks about the new album and play live in studio.

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