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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Permalink

Insight: Darla Moe V. Anthem Blue Cross / 3-D Mammograms / Remembering Laura Tyrrell / Comedian Turner Sparks



  • Darla Moe And The Lawsuit Against Anthem Blue Cross For Denied 3-D Mammogram Coverage

    Darla Moe is a breast cancer survivor from Sacramento seeking a change in insurance coverage policy following denied coverage by Anthem Blue Cross. She speaks about her mission and experiences leading up to the lawsuit.

  • 3-D Vs. 2-D Mammograms — What's The Difference?

    What is a 3-D mammogram? UC Davis Radiologist Dr. Karen Lindfors talks about this technology, how it differs from traditional 2-D mammography and why it is increasingly recommended.

  • Laura Tyrrell, A Fierce Breast Cancer Advocate, Is Remembered For Her Efforts

    Laura Tyrrell had three different types of cancer over 17 years. Insight host Beth Ruyak reflects on Laura's involvement with breast cancer awareness.

  • Turner Sparks / Facebook

    Turner Sparks: 'Lost In America' Host, Kung Fu Komedy Founder, Softee Ice Cream Truck Owner

    El Dorado Hills native Turner Sparks talks about his journey from running an ice cream truck to becoming a comedian.

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