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Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Permalink

Insight: Under2 Coalition / DNA Self-Repair / Comedian Johnny Taylor / Colson Whitehead

Señor Codo / Flickr

Señor Codo / Flickr


  • Billy Wilson / Flickr

    Under2 Coalition Brings Cities And Nations Together To Reduce Emissions

    State government reporter Ben Bradford shares his extensive research on the work local and regional governments around the world are doing to fight climate change.

  • NIH Image Gallery / Flickr

    The Trick To DNA's Self-Repairing Ability Is In Its Own Blueprint

    Cody Drabble

    DNA is the fundamental building block of our lives, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. UC Davis professor Sheila David joins Insight to preview her Davis Science Café talk about the latest research on how DNA repairs itself.

  • Sacramento Comedian Johnny Taylor Is Headed For Southern California

    Jen Picard

    One of Sacramento's staple comedians announced his move to Hollywood. Johnny Taylor joins Insight to talk about his change of pace in Southern California.

  • Rerun: Colson Whitehead On Pulitzer Prize-Winning Book 'Underground Railroad'

    Cody Drabble

    We revisit our interview with Colson Whitehead after he won a Pulitzer Prize Monday for his book "Underground Railroad." BONUS: He broke the news of "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins agreeing to turn his book into a mini-series on this segment.

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