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Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Permalink

Insight: News Network / Eating Disorders / 'War: The Afterparty' / CropMobster

Cathleen Allison / AP

Cathleen Allison / AP


  • Cathleen Allison / AP

    Nevada Reporters Update State's Contentious Election Races

    One week before voters hit the polls in Nevada, the presidential and Senate race in the state remain contested. Reno-Gazette Journal Reporter Seth Richardson and freelance reporter Graelyn Brashear updates us on the state’s top races.

  • UC Davis Student Shares Research And Experiences On The Neuroscience Of Eating Disorders

    Are eating disorders genetic or behavioral? UC Davis student Erica Johnstone puts that conversation into context with research and her own personal experiences with anorexia.

  • Sacramento Author Documents Aftereffects Of War

    Sacramentan Brian Gruber visited every country the U.S. has invaded over the past 50 years to explore the impact military intervention had on the people and its culture. Gruber joins us in studio to discuss the book “War: The Afterparty."

  • Bay Area Company Aims To Reduce Food Waste - One Fruit At A Time

    In the United States, 30-40 percent of our available food ends up in the trashcan. CropMobster, a Bay Area start-up, is taking the issue of food waste head-on with an innovative model. CEO and cofounder Nick Papadopoulos talks about the company.

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