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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 Permalink

Insight: Supreme Court Abortion Ruling / Renters' Rights / Podcast Talk / "A Revolutionary Mind" Production

francois schnell /Flickr

francois schnell /Flickr


  • Wikipedia / Creative Commons

    Supreme Court's Ruling On Abortion Restrictions

    More discussion about this week’s US Supreme Court ruling on abortion: the debate around this case includes many controversial topics though the Texas law in question specifically addressed regulations for abortion clinics.

  • Stock / Capital Public Radio

    Substandard Housing And Rental Safety

    On Insight, we'll talk about rental safety and what residents can do to make sure their needs are met. Our guests include a former director of the Sacramento Development Department, Max Fernandez, who oversees the city's rental inspection program.

  • francois schnell /Flickr

    Podcast Creator And Host Johnny Flores

    A ‘podcast’ is a digital program that can be downloaded from the internet. We'll meet Sacramento podcast creator and host Johnny Flores to talk about his podcast "Serious Talk. Seriously," and learn more about his experience.

  • "A Revolutionary Mind"

    The world premiere of a play from acclaimed playwright Leslie Lewinter-Suskind is playing at CalStage. She joins us to talk about the show. We'll also talk with actor Berman Obaldia, who plays a role in the production.

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