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Monday, June 27, 2016 Permalink

Insight: The Political Junkie / California After Brexit / Supreme Court's DACA Vote / Author Don Miguel Ruiz Sr

Elliott Brown / Flickr

Elliott Brown / Flickr


  • Ken Rudin / Facebook

    The Political Junkie Goes West

    The Political Junkie joins us for our signature segment that puts California politics in the context of the national scene. Rudin joins us from Washington D.C. in an effort to put it all in perspective.

  • Elliott Brown / Flickr

    Travel Prospers, Exporters Suffer In CA Following 'Brexit' Vote

    Jonathan Ayestas

    Sacramento-based economist Jock O'Connell explains the pros and cons of what Britain's referendum to leave the EU means to California. He says the move means cheaper travel to Europe, but there may be negative impacts on California exporters.

  • Beth Cortez-Neavel / Flickr

    Supreme Court's DACA Decision

    The U.S. Supreme Court failed to come to a decision on the DAPA/DACA case this year in a 4-4 split. Executive Director of the Undocumented Student Legal Services Center, Maria Blanco, joins us to discuss this vote and what could happen next.

  • don Migel Ruiz / Facebook

    Author Don Miguel Ruiz Sr.

    Author don Miguel Ruiz Sr. has written several books embedded with his spiritual teachings in philosophy and personal transformation. He tells us about his bestselling book, The Four Agreements, which has been read by millions around the world.

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