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Thursday, December 31, 2015 Permalink

Best Of Insight 2015: Music

maxiub / Flickr

maxiub / Flickr


  • Kepi Ghoulie

    Veteran punk rocker, Kepi Ghoulie, formerly with the Groovie Ghoulies, released his “most country album to date” in late 2014. “Kepi Goes Country” is a self-described homage to singer Jonathan Richman.


    Lara Downes

    Lara Downes released a tribute album to jazz legend Billie Holiday this past April to mark the singer’s 100th birthday. Downes, a life-long fan of Holiday’s and a classically-trained pianist, put an instrumental spin on the jazz vocalist’s tunes.

  • Cellist Susan Lamb Cook

    Cellist Susan Lamb Cook of Sac Philharmonic spent 2015 performing Beethoven sonatas with pianist Gayle Blankenburg. Lamb Cook, who is also a cello instructor at UC Davis, spoke about the yearlong cycle with Beth Ruyak back in February.

  • Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

    Sea Of Bees

    Melodic hooks, introspective lyrics and soulful vocals are all characteristic traits of the Sacramento band Sea of Bees -- traits that have garnered the band national attention and critical acclaim.

  • Other World Cycle

    Rent Romus spent 14 years composing his music suite The Otherworld Cycle. Insight listens back to Romus talking about the epic journey that brought this music to life.

  • Singer And Actress Maggie Hollinbeck

    Insight talked with Sacramento actress/singer Maggie Hollinbeck as she was preparing to release her first full-length solo album last August.

  • Remembering BB King

    Blues master BB King died May 14, 2015 in Las Vegas from complications of diabetes. Following King’s death, Capital Public Radio Blues Party Host Mick Martin composed a tribute to the guitar legend, looking back at a long musical career.

  • A Year Of In Studio Performances

    Every year, dozens of musicians come through Insight and CapRadio Music. This is a collection of the most compelling performance videos shot at CapRadio in 2015 -- presented in an interactive graphic.

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