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Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Permalink

Insight On The Road: Live From Reno


Insight with Beth Ruyak dedicates the first part of the show to the redevelopment of Reno, which is often thought of as a place to go gamble. But those that live there, know Reno is more than that. The economy is on the rebound, new businesses are re-locating to the area and the word is out that the city is an affordable gateway to the great outdoors. How did Reno get to the place where it is now and how long did it take? What does the future look like and how is the city planning for growth?

The second half of the program explores the intersection of science, environment and art as it relates to the region, including Lake Tahoe. Along with California, Reno is impacted by a drought. In an effort to deal with water issues, the state has created the Nevada Drought Forum. Finally, the Nevada Museum of Art has organized the first major art historical survey exhibition of painting, Native baskets, photography, architecture and contemporary art dedicated to Lake Tahoe, Donner Pass and the surrounding Sierra Nevada region.


  • Scott Sonner / AP

    Reno's Road To Redevelopment

    Reno City Councilwoman Naomi Duerr talks with Insight about Reno's economic growth and the challenges it brings. Duerr is joined by Doug Erwin with EDAWN, KUNR Reporter Julia Ritchie and Chef Mark Estee.

  • Environmental Science And The Arts

    Environmental science is a big part of Reno, along with the city's relationship with Lake Tahoe. The second half of Insight delves into the Nevada Museum of Art's "Tahoe: A Visual History" exhibit.

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