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Monday, November 2, 2015 Permalink

Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Spawning Season For Salmon / Annette Kassis / 'Bright Underbelly'

raybouk / Flickr

raybouk / Flickr


  • Brennan Linsley / AP

    The Political Junkie Goes West: Tracking The Presidential Election

    The Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins us from Washington D.C. in an effort to put it all in perspective.

  • uvw916a / Flickr

    Spawning Season For Salmon Begins

    The fish ladder at the Nimbus Hatchery opens Monday morning, marking the beginning of spawning season on the American River. But in this fourth year of drought, the fish population is nowhere near the glorious runs of decades past.

  • Annette Kassis' New Book Focuses On McClatchy Family

    Annette Kassis is a historical writer who previously has focused her attention on the Prohibition era in Sacramento and the Weinstock family’s retail empire. Her new book puts a spotlight on media.

  • Artists Paint 'Bright Underbelly' Underneath WX Freeway

    Artists working on a mural under the W/X freeway at the location of the Sunday Farmer’s Market will give an update on the project.

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