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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Permalink

Insight: Dan Barber And The Future Of Food / Hank Shaw / Benjamin Hunt / Anna Tivel

Courtesy / Kickstarter

Icelandic venison tenderloin with mushrooms and blueberries, one of the many recipes in Hank Shaw's new book, Buck Buck Moose.

Courtesy / Kickstarter

 Guest Host: Rick Kushman


  • Dan Barber And The Future of Food

    Insight talks with Dan Barber, a Michelin-starred chef and best-selling author, who is big on the idea of Farm-to-Fork and says most of us are doing it wrong. His book is the Sacramento Library’s “One Book” selection for this year.

  • Hunter Angler Gardener Cook / Facebook

    Hank Shaw's Crowdfunded Book, 'Buck, Buck, Moose'

    Hank Shaw, the nationally acclaimed author and food blogger, talks with Insight about his latest cookbook, "Buck, Buck, Moose."

  • Artist Benjamin Hunt Explains 'Spatial Art'

    Insight will chat with local artist and art teacher Benjamin Hunt, who just won the prestigious Leff-Davis Award.

  • Anna Tivel, In The Insight Studios ReRun

    Anna Tivel is a Portland-based singer-songwriter who has a unique sound, and a way with words. Which makes sense since she talks about carting a rolling suitcases stuffed with books home from the library as a kid.

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