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Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Permalink

Insight: Water Flows In Mars / News Network: Butte Fire / Nepal Earthquake / Richard Savino

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Univ. of Arizona

Dark, narrow streaks on Martian slopes such as these at Hale Crater are inferred to be formed by seasonal flow of water on contemporary Mars.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Univ. of Arizona



  • NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

    Mars Orbiter Team Discovers Evidence Of Water Flow

    NASA scientists announced they have discovered water flows on Mars. Dawn Sumner is a UC Davis Geology Professor speaks with Insight.

  • SacPolice / Twitter

    Feds Set Up Relief Center For Victims Of Butte Fire

    A federal disaster relief center has been set up in the small town of San Andreas to assist those affected by the Butte Fire. Insight checks in with the news director of local radio station KVGC 1340AM to get a sense of how the community is coping.

  • What Can California Learn from Nepal’s Earthquake?

    When a major earthquake struck Nepal, structural engineer Dr. Kit Miyamoto traveled to the devastated country to help rebuild. Insight talks with Miyamoto about the lessons California can learn from Nepal.

  • New Records From Guitarist Richard Savino

    Insight previews tracks from baroque guitarist Richard Savino's new records.

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