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Thursday, August 6, 2015 Permalink

Capitol Chat: Summer Recess / The Chemistry of Beer Quality / Placer County Wine Comeback / Sound Advice: Submerge


Rick Kushman | Guest Host

We’ve got beer, wine and music on Insight today, plus a bit of politics. The politics is our weekly Capitol Chat and our Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler will tell us about Jerry Brown’s attempt to insert climate change, and himself, into the Republican presidential debate tonight.

Then it’s on to beer with UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth, who’s here to talk about the magic, and of course, science of turning malt, hops, and yeast into high quality, tasty beer.

Also today, we have two award winning winemakers from the increasingly impressive Placer County region, including from Wise Villa Winery, which was named Golden State Winery of the Year for its overall standout performance at the California State Fair wine competition.

And on Sound Advice, Submerge Magazine’s Jonathan Carabba is bringing in some local tunes, plus music from one band from the Sahara Desert.


  • Capitol Chat: Ben Adler Talks Summer Recess

    In this week’s Capitol Chat, Capital Public Radio’s Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler talks about what lawmakers are doing during summer recess.

  • Lindsey G / Flickr

    The Chemistry of Beer Quality

    Charles Bamforth is an Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at UC Davis joins us to talk about the chemistry of beer.

  • Kathy Turpin / Courtesy of Wise Villa Winery

    The Placer County Wine Comeback

    Placer County's reputation for a wine region is growing and dates back to the Gold Rush. Joining us to talk about Placer County’s return to winemaking is Grover Lee of Wise Villa Winery and Michael Duarte of Popie Wines.

  • Sound Advice: Jonathan Carabba

    Jonathan Carabba, co-founder of Submerge Magazine, a Sacramento-based arts and entertainment publication, joins us for this week’s Sound Advice to talk about some of the artists featured in the latest edition.

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