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Wednesday, August 5, 2015 Permalink

Insight: Rocky Fire Update / Realignment's Effect on Firefighting / Algae Biodiesel / 'Haunted' / Ottmar Liebert

Dennis Rein / U.S. Forest Service InciWeb

Willow Fire night scene, earlier this week.

Dennis Rein / U.S. Forest Service InciWeb

Rick Kushman | Guest Host

On Insight today, we’ll talk with NPR’s Kirk Siegler, who’s on the scene at the Rocky Fire near Clear Lake and who’s been reporting on fire danger throughout the West.

And our Capital Bureau Chief Ben Adler reports that California’s firefighters are getting less help from one usual source: prisoners.

Also today: A UC Davis scientist is working on an eco-friendly -- and out of the box -- idea for clean, renewable fuel. Her answer: Algae.

Plus Sacramento author Lynn Carthage’s latest novel is set in a rural English manor with a dark, secret past. The book’s title, no surprise, is: “Haunted.”

And global guitar star Ottmar Liebert will be in our studio to play a song from his new album that mixes his flamenco style with reggae from Bob Marley.


  • Jeff Chiu / AP

    Rocky Fire Update And Realignment's Effect On Firefighting

    The Rocky Fire outside Clearlake has grown to more than 67,000 acres but a change in weather has helped firefighters increase their containment of the blaze to 20 percent. NPR reporter Kirk Siegler is on the scene and joins us with an update.

  • UC Davis

    Sustainable Fuels From Algae

    Dr. Annaliese Franz studies how to make new molecules to improve the production of biodiesel. We’ll talk with Dr. Franz about the cutting edge of sustainable energy sources and how to use microscopic algae as “little green factories.”

  • Courtesy /

    Author Interview: Lynn Carthage

    Author Lynn Carthage joins us to discuss her new book about a teenager who moves in a giant manor with gruesome secrets.

  • Mike Lane / Courtesy

    Nouveau Flamenco Guitarist Ottmar Liebert In The Insight Studio

    Nouveau flamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert is back in Sacramento this week and this time he’s got a new album featuring nine covers of Bob Marley songs.

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