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Thursday, July 31, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Capitol Chat / Parkways and Public Health / Transportation Projects / Sound Advice: Sacramento News & Review




It’s been slow in California’s capitol but that’s about to change as lawmakers return to Sacramento for their next session beginning Aug. 4. Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler joins us to preview some of the big bills facing the legislature, including a water bond, a possible school bond, a state-wide plastic bag ban, health care for documented immigrants and welfare for undocumented immigrants.  


Parks Forward Commission Draft Recommendations (DRAFT - July 30, 2014)

A new study by Dr. Richard Jackson of the Environmental Health Sciences Department at UCLA is coming out today. It illustrates the link between an urban river parkway and public health. Sacramento serves as one of several communities studied throughout California that indicate that public investments such as a river parkway positively impact epidemic rates of diseases like diabetes and obesity, even improve mental health.  Mayor Kevin Johnson, along with pediatrician Dr. Victoria Akins, will join Dr. Jackson for a conference today about the report at Discovery Park along the American River Parkway. We'll talk with Dr. Akins and Dr. Jackson about the significance of the study and what it means for possible future investment in the parkways.


City Public Works Director Jerry Way will talk about different transportation projects in the works for Sacramento. He will give updates, challenges and successes on a range of topics that include bridges, streets, parking, pedestrian safety devices and biking routes. All of these projects, he says, are aimed at enhancing the city of Sacramento and creating more jobs.

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Janelle Bitker, the Sacramento News & Review music and arts writer, joins us for this week’s Sound Advice to share some tips on local bands and emerging artists. Bitker is working on a feature story about emerging electronica artists both locally and nationally and we’ll hear some clips from some of her favorite producers.

Jannelle's first choice: A Walk by Tycho. Tycho is now internationally recognized but got his start playing the Sacramento scene.

The second track is Time Bomb by Sacramento's own Dj Nick Nack more traditional elctronic dance music than Tycho's heavily ambiant track.




Next up, jazz inspired Second Line by Big Joe Daddy from Davis.




Finally Janelle shared a Skrillex remix of Fire Away by two local producers known as Zero Friends.



If you're interested in checking out the local electronic dance music scene Janelle suggests visiting Barfly on Fridays, Badlands has a party on Wednesdays, and you might also check out Press Club, and Starlight Lounge


  • Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

    Do Urban River Parkways Impact Public Health?

    A UCLA professor talks about new research linking urban river parkways to improved public health.

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    Insight gets an update on a variety of city transportation projects.

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    Sacramento News & Review: Local Electronica Scene

    Sacramento News & Review’s Janelle Bitker explains why there’s an increase in elctronica musicians in Sacramento.

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