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Monday, July 28, 2014 Permalink

Insight: The Political Junkie Goes West / California State Parks / Sacramento Seafood / Les Miserables

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio




The Political Junkie is turning his analytical gaze west. Ken Rudin, known to NPR listeners from his many years talking all things politics with Neal Conan on "Talk of the Nation," joins Insight host Beth Ruyak for our signature segment that puts California politics in the context of the national scene. Rudin joins us from Washington D.C. in an effort to put it all in perspective.

It may be getting easier to drag your loved ones into the wilderness against their will under a new pilot program by the California State Parks. The parks system is debuting a “tent cabin” prototype at this year’s California State Fair designed to attract people who are adverse to sleeping in tents to the great outdoors. CalPoly Pomona architecture students designed the mini-cabins to be eco-friendly and reflect the state parks’ ideals of sustainability. 


Most fish populations are being harvested at or beyond their maximum sustainable rates. Fish stocks are declining, and seafood prices are climbing. With so many issues at play, how do smart shoppers who care about health and the environment even know what seafood is OK to eat? What’s the good fish and what’s the bad fish? In Sacramento, a few restaurants and retailers have been proactive in addressing the depletion of the oceans. By turning their backs on controversial seafood products, they’re coaching consumers toward the most responsible choices. Alastair Bland wrote this week’s cover story for the Sacramento News and Review about chefs taking a stand against unsustainable seafood and joins us to talk more about it. 

The non-profit Stage Right Productions theater comany in Fair Oaks will be holding a school edition of Les Miserables at the Faith Lutheran Church Parrish Hall. The show premieres July 24 and runs for two weeks. The company is a charitable non-profit that aims to expand and enhance the diversity of local talent who perform on stage and provide audiences with a diverse viewing experience. Co-founders of the company, the Joe and Jenny Krack, serve as the technical director, designer, and lead set builder and director and choreographer, respectively. Both of their children, Jordan and Amanda, will perform in the production itself.



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