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Thursday, July 24, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Capitol Chat / Prohibition in Sacramento / Sound Advice: Steve Milne / Irish Tenor: Anthony Kearns




John Perez called off his recount effort in the California State Controller race this week. Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler explains why and what this might mean for future elections. Plus, there's a new PPIC report.


Prohibition in Sacramento: Moralizers & Bootleggers in the Wettest City in the Nation by Annette Kassis was  released on July 15. Her book signing will be at Time Tested Books on 21st Street in Sacramento on July 24 at 7 p.m.

0724 Prohibition In Sac

Did you know that Capital Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” anchor has a serious interest in music. Before Steve Milne worked his way into the hearts of Sacramento’s news lovers, he was a jazz announcer and hosted a popular Saturday-night world music program called “Global Beat.” He’s filling in this week for “Blue Dog Jam” Host Nick Brunner and will bring us five selections he plans to feature on this Saturday’s show.



British duo called “Anushka.” It’s a man and a woman: producer Max Wheeler and singer/songwriter Victoria Port. Victoria’s vocals are jazz-influenced, her melodies are sweet and romantic and her voice floats over these bass-heavy beats put together by Max Wheeler. Melodic, jazzy, dance floor sounds. This is a cut from their latest album Broken Circuit; a track titled “Never Can Decide.”




Nikki Lane

Outlaw Country is how some people describe this next artist. Her name is Nikki Lane…and she’s not your typical slick, commercial, contemporary country artist. Hence the “outlaw” tag. She’s kind of a throwback to an earlier time when country songs actually contained steel guitar. Her second album recently came out. It’s titled All or Nothin’ – it was produced by the front man for The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach. So it’s got that heavy Black Keys vibe with a vintage country twang to it. This track is called “I Don’t Care.”  

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This is another British group. Seven people in this band…so a lot of musicians. It’s a modern soul band called Jungle. Jungle is led by a couple of guys who go by simply “T” and “J." They grew up together as neighbors in West London. Other than that they’re kind of a mystery. Their self-titled album came out recently. This song is called “Busy Earnin’”.

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Owiny Sigoma Band

About five years ago, a group of London based musicians traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to collaborate with some of the local musicians there. It worked out so well that they created a band called Owiny Sigoma, it’s made up of two Kenyan guys and five Brits. Their sound is a blend of traditional Kenyan flavors and Western pop. So you’ve got the sweet, shimmering, Kenyan guitar lines in a pop music framework. The group’s latest album is called “Power Punch” and they call this track: “Harpoon Land.”


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Syd Arthur

A four-man group from England. They’ve been described as: a post-millennial revision of classic British psychedelic music. They embrace prog rock and the improvisation of jazz. The story behind the band’s name: “Syd” is a reference to Pink Floyd pioneer Syd Barrett. The “Arthur” part of their name is kind of a joke. If you put “Syd” and “Arthur” together it sounds like the Hermann Hesse novel “Siddhartha,” which is about a guy who becomes spiritually self aware, a book written in the early ‘20s but embraced by the hippies in the 1960s. Their new album is called Sound Mirror and this track: “Hometown Blues.”


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Miniature Tigers

If you love hooks in your music…melodies that stick in your brain…Miniature Tigers is the band for you. An indie-synth-pop band out of Brooklyn, led by singer/songwriter Charlie Brand. They recorded their latest album in Jamaica…hence the title: “Cruel Runnings,” a riff on “Cool Runnings” of course. This cut is “Dream Girl.”

You can catch them live at in San Francisico July 31 at The Rickshaw Spot.

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Anthony Kearns is a world famous Irish tenor, regarded as Ireland’s greatest living tenor. He will be coming to Sacramento to christen a new theater at the Christian Brothers High School Performing Arts Center on July 24 and 25. The proceeds benefit the Christian Brothers' La Salle Club which supports needy students with sports facilities and equipment.


  • Capitol Chat: State Controller's Recount

    Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler checks in to talk about a new PPIC report and about the possible ramifications of John Pérez calling off his recount effort in the California State Controller race this week.

  • Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Museum of Medical History / Annette Kassis / Facebook

    Prohibition in Sacramento

    What was Sacramento like during the Prohibition?

  • Sound Advice: Steve Milne Gets Blue Dog Jammy

    Steve Milne

    Steve Milne is filling in as "Blue Dog Jam" host this week. He offers up a variety of eclectic tracks for Sound Advice.

  • Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns

    Anthony Kearns talks about his upcoming performance at the Christian Brothers High School Performing Arts Center.

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