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Friday, July 18, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Capitol Chat / Gold Mining and Breast Cancer / Johnny Winter / Matt Schofield "As Far As I Can See"

Håkan Dahlström, flickr

San Quentin State Prison houses California's death row inmates.

Håkan Dahlström, flickr



The California death penalty has been ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney. He called the death penalty system “dysfunctional” and “arbitrary” while ruling in the case of a man who had been sentenced to death in 1995. In today’s Capital Chat, reporter Katie Orr updates us on the ruling and explains why the death penalty is still permissible in the state if done correctly. Plus, more talk about water restrictions in the state. Who will actually enforce what?


While gold mining has given California so much rich history, it has also given women in the Sierra Nevada something to fear. The counties that make up Gold Country have some of the highest age-adjusted rates of breast cancer in California -much higher than similar rural counties where mining didn’t exist.

Now, the environmental organization Sierra Streams is conducting the first-ever study to figure out if mining contaminants are causing women living in Gold Country to develop breast cancer. The study is still in the early stages, but joining us to explain more is Jane Sellen, a principal investigator of the project, Susan Ellenbogen, a Gold Country woman interested in the project's research, and Peggy Reynolds, an epidemiologist with the Cancer Prevention Institute of California who is partnering with Sierra Streams for the project.

Iconic blues musician Johnny Winter died this week. In his lifetime he played alongside the greatest of musicians--from Muddy Waters to Jimi Hendrix to Willie Dixin to Janis Joplin to Steve Ray Vaughan to Eric Clapton--the list is dazzlingly endless. In 2012, Winter performed in Sacramento and talked with Beth Ruyak about his new album “Roots.” We’re re-airing that interview in honor of Winter’s musical legacy.


Vintage Guitar Magazine calls British blues musician Matt Schofield “the best of his generation’s European blues players.” And, although Schofield is English, he spent his summers in Placerville. Now, he’s back in the Sacramento area with a new album and a performance at Harlow’s tonight. Schofield joins us ahead of the concert to talk about his new album.    


  • Håkan Dahlström, flickr

    Capitol Chat: Death Penalty Decision And New Water Regulations

    CapRadio's Katie Orr talks about the latest news at the Capitol.

  • Breast Cancer Rates In Gold Country

    Is there a relationship between gold mining and breast cancer rates?

  • Diego Tuson / AFP / Getty Images

    Remembering Johnny Winter

    Back in 2012, Insight interviewed Johnny Winter, who died this week. We play back the interview in remembrance of the iconic blues musician.


    Matt Schofield "Far As I Can See"

    Matt Schofield gives a preview for his show at Harlow's.

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