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Thursday, June 13, 2013 Permalink

Insight: Parkway Tensions / Chef Richard Pannell / The Poe Project / Sound Advice: Blue Dog Jam

Parkway Tensions It happens every year as the weather turns warm and the days grow longer. People flock to Sacramento’s crown jewel - the American River Parkway - only to realize sharing the trail, with its many uses, can be a test of tolerance.Joggers want cyclists to slow down, cyclists want joggers and walkers to stay on the shoulder and rangers want everyone to obey the rules. Now, following news that Sacramento County Rangers are ticketing cyclists for breaking the parkway’s posted 15 mile-per-hour speed limit, we take a look at the impetus for the county’s decision. We’ll also discuss the basic rules and nuances of the parkway that keep things flowing smoothly on the sometimes-crowded trail.
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Chef Richard Pannell Local celebrity Chef Richard Pannell joins us today to talk about his new book, "Succulent Sensibilites: Feeding Two Appetites," as well as his upcoming appearance this weekend at the Sacramento's Juneteenth Ball, where he will be participating along with other prominent African American chefs in the gourmet food and wine tasting Saturday night.
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The Poe Project If you're a filmmaker with an interest in Edgar Allan Poe, the Capital Film Arts Alliance and the Sacramento Public Library have a summer project for you. "The Poe Project" is a film competition that asks for short films based on this dark Romantic poet, due on July 28, to complement the Library's annual "One Book Sacramento" program, which this year is based on Poe. This fall, the films will be screened to inspire Poe-related discussion and to assist in the library's quest of getting all of Sacramento to read one book. Here to tell the tale of the heart of this project are Mary Beth Barber of the Capital Film Arts Alliance; Rivkah Sass, library director at the Sacramento Public Library; and John Allen Cann, a professor of English literature at Cosumnes River College and a "Poe expert."
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Sound Advice: Blue Dog Jam There's a plethora of pop music hitting the shelves this summer. Capital Public Radio's Nick Brunner joins us for this week's Sound Advice with new music from Queens of the Stone Age, Eleanor Friedberger and Portugal. The Man.
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About our guest host: Rick Kushman is an award-wining journalist and former columnist for The Sacramento Bee, where he covered politics, was the national television critic, and wrote about wine and food and their connection to life in Northern California. He continues to write for regional and national media and his writing has appeared in publications ranging from Time Magazine to Sommelier Journal to Daily Variety.

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