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Monday, Sept. 1: American RadioWorks: The Science Of Smart

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Aug 01  Insight: Economic Climate / Olive Oil Label / Karate Mountain / Sound Advice: Classical

Studies indicate continued economic recovery in the region. What does that really mean for residents? How to avoid bad olive oil by disregarding the labels. Instrumental neo-steampunk band releases new album. Cale Wiggins with some new music releases

Aug 02  Insight: Capitol Chat / Co-Ed Restrooms / Lake Tahoe SummerFest / "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity"

Julie Small joins us to talk about prisons. A bill moving through the legislature would change bathroom rules in public schools. Maestro Joel Revzen previews the Lake Tahoe SummerFest. We preview the play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.
Photo by Scott G. Toepfer

Aug 05  Insight: Student Loan Changes / Climate Change and Violence / "Lemons into Lemonade" / Paige Anderson and The Fearless Kin

Cutting through the confusion of Congress' new student loan proposal; Researchers have found a link between climate change and violence; How to make your meetings more productive; Grass Valley bluegrass group "Paige Anderson and The Fearless Kin."

Today's Show

Jul 31  Insight: STARS Graduation / McKinley Playground / Pet Tales / California State Library

Unique drug and alcohol intervention program in Sac County keeps families intact during treatment. McKinley Park Playground reopens tonight. What can you do to find your lost pet? Take a tour of the newly renovated California State Library.

Recent Shows

Jul 30  Insight: CT Scans for Smokers / Rehab Racket / State Fair Success? / News Network

New recommendations could make annual CT scans a reality for smokers and ex-smokers. CIR/CNN investigation into Medicaid fraud in California. How did this year's California State Fair do? Latest news in the Leila Fowler murder case and Sac arena plan

Jul 29  Insight: Violence in Egypt / Tobacco Tax / Worker Shortage / MDA Camp

Sacramento-based Imam with family in Egypt offers opinion on possible US involvement there. New legislative push in California for a $2 tobacco tax. California farmers are seeking wokers again this year. Camp caters to kids with muscular dystrophy.

Jul 26  Insight: Capitol Chat / Childhood Cancer / "The Romance of Old Havana" / Musical Robot

Sac Bee Columnist Dan Morain talks pensions. Sixteen-year-old cancer survivor lobbies Congress for better legislation for pediatric patients. The sights, sounds and tastes of Cuba come to Modesto for fundraiser. Children's band performs in studio.

Jul 25  Insight: Stockton's Mayor / Driverless Cars / Guitarfish Music Festival / Sound Advice: Blue Dog Jam

Anthony Silva joins us to talk about recent controversy with the Stockton City Council. Reporter Katie Orr takes a look at the future of robocars. We'll hear music from some of the festival performers. Nick Brunner with new music from Chelsea Wolfe.

Jul 24  Insight: Special Elections / Franklin Boulevard /"Folsom's 93" /"The Adventures of Flapjack" / James Finch

Results & analysis from two special elections yesterday. A look at Sacramento's Franklin Blvd. New book examines executions at Folsom Prison. Dan Cohen releases new novel starring his muse. Guitarist James Finch releases album.

Jul 23  Insight: Royal Baby / Ryan Coogler / News Network / "Sugar" / Shakespeare at the Lake

What's the fascination with Britian's royal baby? Young director of "Fruitvale Station" talks about how he came to make it. Updates on Detroit's bankruptcy and Sacramento's "report card." New musical hits the local stage and Shakespeare at the Lake.

Jul 22  Insight: Royal Baby / Florida Boycott? / Yosemite's Amenities / Del Jack / Sacramento's Last Record Store / State Fair Sounds

Baby watch begins as Kate Middleton goes into labor; A California lawmaker proposes boycotting Florida; A plan that could end many of Yosemite's amenities; Young adult author Del Jack; Sacramento's last record store; A state fair audio postcard.
Glen Carey

Jul 18  Insight: Capitol Chat / Rising Energy Rates / Kelly McEvers / Sound Advice: Nebraska Mondays

Ben Adler updates us the latest news from California's capitol. Sac residents may start to see their electricity rates rise. NPR foreign correspondent talks about her life at war. Ross Hammond brings Nebraska Mondays to Insight.

Jul 17  Insight: Private Gun Sales in Nevada / Water Shortage? / "Lost Restaurants of Sacramento" / Elaine Eats / Brass Bed

Private gun sale to mentally ill man raises concerns in Nevada. What a possible water shortage mean for NorCal. Siblings release new book about some of Sac's former restaurants. Elaine Corn makes cucumbers a star. Band performs in our studio.

Jul 16  Insight: News Network / Parasites in Cat Feces / "The Five Acts of Diego Leon" / Beer & Bacon

Update on parking meter problems in Reno and Stockton's current political strife. How to deal with potentially harmful parasites in kitty poop. Author Alex Espinoza releases second novel. Bacon and beer takes center stage in Sac this weekend.
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